The association Le Savoir au Village supports Berber women to acquire knowledge that will enable them to improve the quality of family and village life. The first step is the construction and equipping of the school for women. By supporting this project you can be assured your help is directly benefiting the people who need it most.

In concrete terms you can participate in this initiative in four ways:

  1. by becoming a member of the association Le Savoir au Village

  2. by  donating

  3. by sharing your knowledge and expertise on site

  4. by collecting funds in favor of the association

To donate

Le Savoir au Village is a non-profit association. As a small organization, the association has very low administrative costs (work is done voluntarily), and because of this all donations benefit directly the women in the three villages. Thanks to your donations, we will be able to continue with the building of the centre, supply basic materials (weaving tables, wool, etc.) and hire more teachers. Donations above 100CHF are tax exempt.


Mingerstrasse 20

3030 Bern / Switzerland

CCP: 12-282966-5

IBAN: CH07 0900 0000 1228 2966 5


Becoming a member of the association

By becoming a member you not only help bring change but you will watch it happen too. You can choose your level of involvement in the association. Once a year the members gather in a General Assembly during which everyone can share his knowledge, his ideas and his passion.

To get to know the place and the people there and see progress achieved, trips are organized for members who wish to go.

Subscription is 100 Swiss Francs / EURO per year.

Share your expertise on site

One of the first principles of the Association is the exchange of knowledge in a spirit of mutual respect and sharing. Therefore, if you wish to exchange some of your knowledge and / or skills with Berber women and their children, contact us to set up a meeting and participation in classes on site.

The next trips with international volunteers are planned in April and May 2016

We are looking for volunteers in the fields of education (French, mathematics and Arabic), sewing, health, farming, computer science and accounting.

You can come for short stays (between 5 and 10 days) or longer.

To try this wonderful exchange experience, simply contact us

Become an "activist"

As Fabien Meylan, you can create challenge for yourself in favor of Le Savoir au Village. He decided to reach Marrakech on his bicycle from Montreux, Switzerland, 3‘5000 km. Thanks to this trip, he raised money for the association. What is your challenge?

You can also organize any event in favor of the association.

  1. Funds directly benefit Berber women and children

  1. Integration of different aspects of sustainable development

  1. a secular initiative

  1. Promotion of environmental values

  1. Respect of the local traditions

  1. Transparency

Why support Le Savoir au Village?


Support us

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Volunteers testimonials

«A week engraved in my memory. An immersion in a different and kind world. Warm welcome, laughs, complicity even without a common language. A good life and courage lesson. You think your bring something but you come back enriched.» Mireille

«A wonderful humane experience and an exceptional mutual sharing. The language barrier is not a problem: women and children are eager to learn and we found different ways to communicate» Marie-Alex

«Giving courses make it possible to get into relation with the inhabitants in an other way and the region is beautiful. Each trip is only happiness» Evelyne

«I offered a little bit of knowledge and I received a lot of joy, smiles and peace. Time has a different pace and make it possible to live each moment to the full» Jocelyne

«Since I came back I keep thinking of this trip and the wonderful experience I had there» Laurie

«Out of time, unique, a moment of my life full of strong emotions  that gave me unforgettable memories», Fabien