Membership to the FEDEVACO (January 2016)
After wining the prize «Diaspora & Development» in 2012, the Swiss association is now a member of the «Fédération Vaudoise de Coopération» (FEDEVACO), which represent a recognition of the work that has been accomplished and hopefully a future support to fully settle our project. 

Children celebration (December 2015)
On December 13, 2015 the Moroccan association organized a large party that gathered together more that 80 children from 4 villages.

Charity evening (November 2015)
Our last charity evening in Vevey with more than 110 participants. They experienced the Bebere village atmosphere arond a delicious couscous. 


From the garden to the couscous (September 2015)
When the children came back to our center after the summer holidays, they discovered many vegetables in our garden. After harvesting them, we prepared together a delicious organic couscous. Le Savoir au  Village provides trainings in sustainable farming so that villagers acquire knowledge to grow their own vegetables despite the semi-arid climatic conditions. Ultimately the goal is food self-sufficiency and a better alimentation. The first courses were a great success especially with women and children. We now need to continue trainings over several seasons.


Opening of preschool classes (April 2015)
For some time now, our beneficiaries have asked for preschool classes. Very often, parents sent their little children with their oldest bothers or sisters to the after-school classes. The main to organize such classes was to find two young women from the village who's family accepted that they follow a one-day class once a month in a town. Eventually, we found an agreement that the two persons in charge of the centre, Saïda and her husband Lahcen, come with them to the classes organized by the education department.  
After 6 months training, the preschool classes have started on April 13 as a rate of 12 hours a week.


New literacy classes for men (January 2015)
Our organization was first created by women. Very quickly they included their children in the program. At the end of the year, a few men from the villages asked us to create literacy classes specifically for them. Since January, these literacy classes are held on Monday night. Currently there are between 5 and 7 participants but we hope they will encourage other villagers to follow them. We congratulate these early adopters for having the courage to go back to school. 


Invitation to the next General Assembly (Septembre 2014)
The next general assembly is forecast on Sunday November 16, 2014 at 4pm in Vevey (Switzerland). It will give us the opportunity to evaluate our achievements and decide what should next be done. The strength of Le Savoir au Village is our flexibility and our capacity to adjust to the needs of our beneficiaries, our partners and all the people that support the association. The general assembly is a very special moment to meet and exchange points of view on the best way to keep helping the populations in the remote area. Thank you to confirm your attendance at We look forward seeing you. 

New partnership with the NGO «Terre & Humanisme Maroc» (July 2014)
Thanks to the Rotary Club from Casablanca, the NGO Terre & Humanisme ( will give several two-days training sessions on sustainable farming. They will teach new technics using very little water and respectful of the environment. Next sessions are planned on 27 September 2014 and 10 October 2014.

Openings Celebrations (April 2014)
For this official opening, we had the honor to welcome numerous regional and local officials, among others, the Governor of the Chichaoua province, Mr. Abdelghani Sebbar, the Delegate of formal education, Mr. Youssef Ait Haddouch, the delegate of non-formal education, Mr. Boujmaa Bounane, the chief of the Circle of Mtouga, Brahim Boussad and several friends Casablanca and Rabat including Mr. Mehdi Lahlou, Professor at the INSEA in  Rabat. 
After the official part, the celebration continued in the afternoon with more than 200 villagers from throughout the area over a traditional meal, followed by a clown show and live music until dusk. It was a wonderful and memorable day for the whole region. 

Official Opening (18 April 2014)

Le Savoir au Village has the honor to invite you to the inauguration of its Centre Friday, April 18, 2014 at 12:00 in Douar Batin Chih Jmâat Rahala, Province of Chichaoua. 
12:00: Berber appetizer with children's shows 
13.00: Welcome speech 
13:30 Meal with flavors of the region in a warm atmosphere and with surprises. 

Thank you to confirm your attendance no later than April 13 by e-mail: 

New rugs from our workshop (January 2014)
Currently, all rugs produced by the women are sold essentially in Morocco but we hope to commercialize them also outside the country. 

General Assembly (24 November 2013)
The General Assembly of Savoir au Village is a time of year that we (the committee members) are especially are fond. Indeed, this is a great opportunity to step back, take stock of what has been achieved and to plan for the future. Every time we come out of this annual exchange full of energy and new ideas.
During the meeting, the assembly approved the association’s accounts and elected a new committee composed of 9 members.

The Voyage of Swiss and Belgian volunteers (October 2013)
During this stay, volunteers focused on mathematic and french classes specifically for children from the villages.The goal was to evaluate their levels. We saw that although the general level was not very high, they were extremely smart, receptive and enthusiastic. Therefor the experience will be renewed. If you feel to take up this challenge, do not hesitate to contact us. A big thank you to Ursula, Chandra and Jamila for their commitment. Following this experience, we have set up a new after-school class (on Wednesdays afternoon) for the 5th and 6th grade student with the objectif that they pass their exam to be admitted in the 7th grade (usually they stop school on the 6th grade). The class are given by Malika (our devoted local secretary).

Gala for the Savoir au Village (June 2013)
For the third consecutive year, the association had organized an evening of support under the theme of discovery of the Berber culture. With over 150 guests, we had a full house in a warm and festive atmosphere.

The proceeds from the evening will fund (in part) the new extension. A big thank you to all those who supported us and ensured the success of this evening.

Introduction to local herbs and reflexology (May 2013)
Through discussions with the women, we have realized that they took, or gave their children, regular medication without medical supervision and randomly. Unable to read and understand the package inserts, they use antibiotics, antidepressants or contraceptives in a potentially dangerous fashion.
It is in this context that Ms. Solari, pharmacist and reflexologist of France, came on a training mission on medicinal plants and reflexology for 10 days. The aim is to encourage women to turn to softer alternatives before using drugs. This training was followed by particularly girls and young women.

Official recognition of the association in Morocco (April 2013)
In Morocco the organisation has formally been recognized. The Moroccan comity is mostly formed by women from the village. 

End of extension work (April 2013)

A center even more beautiful than in our dreams! A warm thank you to the builder Haj M'barek (Marrakech), who was touched by our project and was as committed to build a building not only of quality but also beautiful. The Centre is ready to accommodate various classes to allow women and children to acquire basic knowledge and income-generating businesses.

To date, we have yet to find 35,000 euros to pay our debts and equip the center with tables, chairs, looms and pedagogical materials.
Your generous support is critical in this particular phase of the project. Thank you for your help.

Invitation to our Gala Charity Evening (March 2013)

Our upcoming  evening of support  will take place on Saturday, 1 June, 2013 at 19:00 hours in Eurotel Riviera. Program: an immersion in Berber country.
Price: 95 CHF / person. Information and booking at:
We look forward to seeing you faithful supporters and newcomers as well.

Beginning extension work (January 2013)

To meet the growing demand of women and their children for a further development of training curriculum, the Association decided to continue the work of extending the Centre even though the funds have not yet been fully found. The objective is to complete the center with new rooms, a laboratory for dyeing wool, a nursery and rooms for trainers. Your support is invaluable for
this school to continue developing.

Diaspora and Development  Award (December 2012)

On the occasion of International Migrants Day on 18 December 2012, the Geneva Federation for Cooperation (FGC) and its VAUD counterpart (FEDEVACO) awarded the Diaspora Prize and development to Savoir au Village. The prize of CHF 2'500, aims to promote the involvement of migrant associations in the development of their country of origin.
More than 25 organizations participated in the training course offered in the fall of 2012 and seven of them finally submitted a project in the competition. Click on the following link to read the article in the Mail of 2 February 2013.
You can also view the documentary that appeared on CARREFOURS TV.

General Assembly (November 2012)

November 11 was held the third General Assembly of the Association. With twenty participants, we had very constructive discussions for future activities. The main objectives for 2013 are: terminating the construction of the Savoir au Village Centre, the expansion and professionalization of training courses for women and children.

Medical Caravan (October 2012)

Historically, the village women talk about their difficulties in access to professional health care. Families often do not even have the means to pay for transportation into town. Therefore the association contacted the Moroccan Ministry of Health to establish a medical caravan.

It took place on October 23 with 25 medical professionals (doctors, nurses, midwives and assistants) from Chichester and Marrakech.

In the space of a day, more than 310 consultations took place in the village dispensary Batn Chih

In the future Savoir au Village will focus on prevention and education with training in its center.

The Voyage of Swiss and Belgian volunteers (October 2012)
For one week, five Swiss and Belgian volunteers conducted workshops in crochet and knitting in the Savoir au village Centre. Participants in these workshops  dramatically improved their competency in these two areas.

This rich experience through mutual exchange and contagious laughter was a great success with women and volunteers. Two of the volunteers returned to the villages for the second time.

A big thank you for their commitment!

From Montreux to Marrakech on bicycle (September 2012)

To support Le Savoir au Village, Meylan Fabien decided to travel from Montreux  (the headquarters of the association) to Marrakech on bicycle. It was a journey of over 3,500 km through four countries on two continents. Throughout the journey, he recounted his adventure on his website:
Sunday, September 2, the day of his departure, we gathered on the market square of Montreux. Sharing a pot of mint tea, we wished him a good trip.
For support, you can donate online.
He finally arrived, safe and sound, October 24, 2012 in Marrakech at  the square Jamal Elafna in front of the Koutoubia. Congratulations and thank you Fabien!

Charity Gala Evening (June 2012)

On Saturday May 9, 2012 we will hold our gala evening. The theme of the evening is Thousand and one nights.

Program: Moroccan diner and floor show, dance and tombola.

Price: 90 CHF/ person

Funds collected during the evening will enbale the continuation of the construction work.

Inauguration of a second class-room (April 2012)
Cette nouvelle salle était très attendue, car depuis le début de l’année les enfants ont investi le centre. Chaque matin, le centre accueille de façon provisoire les petites classes car l’école du village est en rénovation. Puis, trois fois par semaine, nous offrons des devoirs surveillés aux enfants des villages en fin de journée. Les ateliers de crochet et de tricot ont lieu les après-midis et le week-end.

New students (January 2012)
In their classroom women have organized after-school classes for their children. They look forward to have a new classroom in their center so that they can put in place new activities.

General Assembly (September 2011)
On September 25, 2011 will take place the annual Assembly of the Association from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the restaurant Aladin in Vevey. 
During this assembly we will elect the comity, share the advancements and define the direction for the development of this wonderful adventure. 
We look forward meeting our members. Thank you for confirming your participation at

The first classroom is built (June 2011)
Since April 2011, literacy classes and skills training are held every day in the new building located in the new centre for women in the village of Batn Chih.
Women are extremely happy to have eventually a place for them. Step by step, the life of the villages is changing. Enthusiasm and motivation is very high!

Invitation to Berber Gala Evening (May 2011)
Reserve Saturday May 21 for an immersion into the Berber culture in Tannay, Switzerland (between Geneva and Lausanne). 

On program: a traditional dinner, music, and a show in  a festive atmosphere. 

Price: 85 CHF/person

Funds collected during the evening will be used to pursue the building of the Women’s Center.

Social workers students in the villages (April 2011)
From April 2 to 9m more than 10 students from the és-L in Lausanne (Switzerland) did an internship the three villages Batn Chich, Dar el Abd et Zmar.

During a week, they participated to the village life an organized the first sewing and crochet workshops. These classes were very successful with more than 50 women every day.

Other students build a small stone wall around the Center and planted a few trees around the Center.

Construction starts (January 2011)
After several trips to evaluate the needs, the association has collected enough founds to start the construction of the first classroom. Work began on January 17, 2011 in the village of Batn Chih. In February, literacy classes will move in this new classroom. The building of the rest of the center will follow depending on the founds that have been raised. Thanks for your support!

Women began their second year of literacy classes (Nov. 2010)
Thanks to Mr. Boujmaa Bounane, in charge of literacy department and non formal education in the Chichaoua province, five classes in the three villages began their second year literacy class. New manuals have been distributed and women are more than ever motivated!

Le Savoir au Village at the XIIIe French-speaking World Summit in Montreux (October 2010)
The association Zaila welcomed us at their stand in the «French speaking world village» in Montreux from 21 to 24 October. This association is working on the environment protection in the Moroccan desert; for example  by offering alternatives to plastic. we met and exchanged with numerous other associations. In a very friendly and stimulating atmosphere we shared our experiences.

Villagers discover the first plans (September 2010)
Florent Prisse, an architecture student from the l’EPFL (Lausanne) went to the area in order to find the most suitable site to build the centre. He took this opportunity to meet the villagers and discuss with them many possible plans and to see which would best meet their demands while integrating ecological construction techniques. 

Roland Giraud patron of Le Savoir au Village (Sept. 2010)
When Roland Giraud (a French actor), who was born in Rabat in Morocco, learned about the work of Le Savoir au Village, he enthusiastically accepted the role of patron of the association. We celebrated this new support over a mint tea at the theater of Montreux where his latest play was being performed. 

Official creation of the association (May 2010)
2 May, 2010 the association le Savoir au Village was created according to the articles 60 of the Swiss Civil Code. The statues are available upon request from the association.

Women’s literacy courses created (October 2009)
After a first encounter with a group of Berber women, some literacy courses were created in partnership with the Moroccan government. The government supplies the materials and allows the use of the village’s only classroom for the courses. With 250 enrolled, a rotating system was put into place with about 30 women per class. The participants are between 16 and 70 years old.mailto:info@lesavoirauvillage.org


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