About us and the association

Le Savoir au Village is a Swiss non-profit registered charity association. She was born from the request of a group of Berber women to acquire various sorts of knowledge in order to improve their living conditions. The first encounter took place in October 2009 in the village of Douar Batn Chih with Amina Suchet and Sophia Corsi, the initiators of the project.

The association was officially created 2 May 2010, according to the article 60 of the Swiss Civil Code. Since October 2011, it is recognized as promoting the public interest and registered for tax exempt.

In Morocco, the organization has formally been recognized in April 2013. It is a separated entity from the Swiss organization and composed by local women.

Le Savoir au Village values

The association is based on clear values which are the foundation of its action. These principles can be summed up as follows:

  1. The exchange and sharing of experiences

  2. Support of women’s initiatives

  3. A secular and apolitical commitment

  4. Respect of the local cultures and traditions

  5. Integration of different aspects of sustainable development (economic, social and     environmental)

  6. Transparency

  7. Collaboration with all parties on the local scene

The Swiss Comity (2016 - 2017)

Jocelyne Besson Dubuis

Raoudah Chamakh 

Claudia Jaermann                 

Christiane Nahai                         

Evelyne Steiner

Amina Suchet Tijani

Roland Suchet        

Manager: Sophia Corsi

The Moroccan Comity (2015-2016)

Malika Boutzat

Radija Ouaziz

Lahcen Talibi

Rajaa Semlali

Zahra Belcaïd

Jmiha Bourig


To get the association’s statutes, contact info@lesavoirauvillage.org


About us

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